Help, I forgot my cPanel Password. How to I retrieve it? Print

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Once your account has been setup, your cPanel username & password has been sent to you. If you forgot your username & password, you can look for it on the email with teh subject line "New Account Information".

If, however, you have lost the email, or don't  have it with you, you can retrieve it from our Client Portal or you are welcome to send us a support ticket to have you password reset and sent to you.

Login into the Client Portal and then click on "My Services" to open your hosting accounts.

Select the "Service" link from the menu, then click on "My Services". If you then click on the "View Details" button on the right, you'll be able to see the username and password for that particular hosting account. From here you can change the password to a new one.

You can also login to cPanel or Webmail from here.

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