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Website suspensions occur generally for one of two reasons;

  1. Invoice was unpaid
    • In the case of suspension for non payment, per our Terms of Service, invoices are sent out 6 days prior to the due date.  If payment is not received, a notice is sent on day three, followed by the third notice on day six and final notice eight days after the due date. If payment has not been made ten days following the due date, the account is subject to suspension.
    • If the invoice is not paid 30 days following the due date, your account is subject to termination. There are penalties and fees associated with suspensions and terminations. Please review them at the above link.
  2. Abuse of the server
    1. Abuse includes:
      1. a script on your website using an excessive amount of system resources
      2. a script used to maliciously attack the server
      3. a script used for spamming other addresses
      4. any combination of the above.
    2. these situations, websites are suspended pending investigation.  Once the investigation is completed your site may be:
      1. re-enabled with password protection pending changes by the customer
      2. re-enabled with removed files
      3. re-enabled with NO files
      4. terminated

There are also individual account resource limits in place on our shared servers that prevent any one account from using an excessive amount of server resources for an extended period of time.  These limits are based on the type of hosting package, for example, an E-Commerce hosting package has higher resource limits than an Ultralite.  If your account exceeds these limits at any point during the current hour, your website will be temporarily suspended.  This suspension is automatically lifted at the end of the current hour.  If you find that your website is consistently being suspended for excessive resource usage, please contact us to upgrade your hosting package.

If accounts are terminated due to abuse of the system, files and logs may be turned over to authorities for further prosecution. There are NO REFUNDS for terminated accounts.  There may also be additional administration fees invoiced to repair damage caused to a shared server from abuse.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via our support ticket system or skype chat.

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