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From time to time we get questions from our users asking if the customer portal system here at linuxweb is secure since when they initially go to the site the link is in http and not https.

The system here at Linuxweb IS NOT secure. What do we mean by that? We do not have a dedicated SSL certificate for our customer portal. The reason is we do not handle any payments in our portal system. All credit card trasnactions are handled by payfast's secure online gateway and not on our customer portal. You can visit Payfast and view their security measures for your own peace of mind. Incidentally, we do NOT record any credit card information on our system WHATSOEVER.

If you have any doubt as to whether the site is in https mode or not, you can check the URL at the top of the page, or look for the "little gold lock" on the page to show that the page is encrypted.

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